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Alliance raiding guild on Korgath-US

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Raiding Reform: Becoming Warlords

Argelaithe, Aug 18, 14 6:12 PM.
Warlords of Draenor is just a few months away and with it comes a reformed raiding system. Normal/Heroic modes will now be flexible from 10-30 players and the new "Mythic" raid tier will be fixed 20 player content. With the changes, Ill Omen will be having its own changes moving forward. New raid leadership, new team membership, and a reconstructed loot system are a few of the things we will be utilizing in order to make the most of raiding in Draenor. 
    A word of warning that while we work on these changes, the website will also be under maintenance and you can expect to see some content unfinished, or missing temporarily. An announcement will likely be made on the site and in the guild when changes are finished. Feel free to us the forums in the meantime as those are not going to be affected and can be used to ask questions or have discussions in the meantime. Changes such as the improved loot system and any altered rules for raiding or general guild changes will be listed on the site once we have finished maintenance, allowing anyone to catch up on these changes at their own pace outside of the game if desired. 
    We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time, all applications are still being reviewed and accepted and despite the changes being made, recruitment is even stronger than ever as we prepare to step through the dark portal once again. Anyone is still welcome to apply and join us.


Officers of Ill Omen

Braving new frontiers.

Argelaithe, Apr 13, 14 1:18 PM.

As we approach the corruption of the dark portal and the adventures into the lost, ancient world of Draenor, the members of Ill Omen will be surrounding themselves with new faces as we say goodbye to our current home on Alterac Mountains (US) and pack up to head for Korgath (US). Ill Omen was founded on Alterac, and we will miss the once thriving realm. The prime days of Alterac have since passed and it's time for us to find a new place to call home. We have spoken to the denizens of Korgath and decided that the open and mass positivity said about the realm is a much desired change and we look forward to acquainting ourselves with our new home and delving into Draenor with a mix of old and new faces. Thanks to all who supported us on Alterac and to all who gave us feedback on Korgath.

See you there.

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